Is Not Eating Breakfast Turning You Into a Sumo Wrestler?

You finally dragIs breakfast important yourself out of bed after hitting snooze for the fourth time and then try to wake up in the shower. Like most mornings you have only given yourself just enough time to get you and the kids ready for the day so you skip breakfast. Is this a regular occurrence for you? Did you know that this could be the key to the extra weight that you just can seem to get off?

I recently had a chat with Michele Manarino RD MS about eating and the importance of the first meal. “Breakfast sets the tone for the day. It gets your metabolism going right out of the gate. Your metabolism is like a fire that reaches its highest point one hour after eating and returns back to normal two to three hours after eating. So, someone that has been sleeping for several hours and doesn’t have anything to eat for hours after waking is not allowing there metabolism to work as efSumo Wrestler dietficiently as it could.”

In fact, Sumo wrestlers intentionally skip breakfast to help pack on the pounds! A Sumo wrestler’s day starts at four or five o’clock in the morning with training and exercise. Breakfast is not served. Skipping breakfast slows down the wrestler’s metabolism, so they usually don’t eat until around 11am. It also gets them hungry enough for that 10,000-calorie lunch. You may not be a Sumo but you can see this is a tactic that they have learned over centuries to gain weight. Still feeling like that ten minutes for a quick healthy breakfast is too much?

Michele also suggests “Studies have shown that people that eat breakfast regularly eat less throughout out the day and weigh less on average.” If you are now convinced that you should be eating breakfast here are some basic principals to go by.

  1. You should eat within 30 minutes of waking up. This gets your internal fire going and primed to burn calories through the entire day.
  2. Have a balanced meal that accounts for all the basic food groups. Sorry, that pastry covered in icing doesn’t count.
  3. If you are not used to having breakfast start by finding something you like that is healthy and easy. Then just have that every day. This way you don’t have to think while you are in a groggy sleep-walking state.

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