The Prepared Idiot’s Guide to Backpacking

About three weeks How to Backpackago one of my older sons came up to me and stated that he wanted to go backpacking. It is amazing as an adult how easy it is to put things off and then before you know it you can’t seem to figure out how to fit fun and adventure into the schedule. I would like to change this. Continue reading

How to Pan for Gold

To be the most suGold Panningccessful in your endeavor to pan for gold you will need some basic equipment and some practice. The good news is that the equipment is fairly easy to get. As for the practice that is up to you. Here is list of basic equipment for the job.


  • Gold Pan Black or Green Plastic doesn’t matter you just need something to contrast the color of gold.
  • Shovel
  • Magnet
  • Tweezers
  • Snuffer bottle
  • Small squeeze bottle of dish soap
  • Classifier in size 1/4 inch (4 mesh)
  • Small glass vial with lid

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The First Three Upgrades You Should Do on Your 4X4

Best jeep mods

Did you just buy your first Jeep or 4X4 vehicle and decide you want to try some four wheeling? I bet you are already scouring all the aftermarket websites and catalogs trying to figure out which upgrades you are going to do first. I recently had a discussion with long time off-roading enthusiast Donnie Langdale about this and he had some great advice on how to settle on what modifications you should start with. Continue reading

American’s have the Most Expensive Pee in the World.

Someone once told me that American’s have the most expensive pee in the world. This expensive urine is due in large part to the $27 billion dollar supplement industry. The truth is most people know that thefood vs vitaminsy are not getting enough vitamins and nutrients in there diets and they try to make up for this by not eating more veggies but by popping a daily multi-vitamin. There is an issue with trying to get your B12’s and vitamin C’s through a pill. The problem is you are flushing a most of the money and you are spending on those pills right down the toilet.
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How to Use a Sluice Box

In the early gold Old gold rush sluice boxrush days the sluice box consisted of a simple wooden trough lined with raised obstructions placed at a ninety-degree angle to the flow of the water. These obstructions are what are known as riffels. When all of the gold carrying gravel is “run” through the sluice the water is shut off and the riffels are removed. The heavy materials containing the gold known as concentrates would be gathered. This run would sometimes consist of processing several tons of gold-bearing gravel through the box. Continue reading