What is the Difference between Red, White, Sparkling Wine?

If you are anything like meHow to pick a white red or sparkeling wine the thought of going to the giant-mega store to buy a wine was always overwhelming! The the good new is buying a good wine is not as hard as you may think. Here is a little cheat-sheet to help you figure out what you are going to buy on your way to that romantic evening or dinner party.

Wine is a complex beverage, but it can be broken down for the ease of figuring out what you want when you go to buy wine. You can have red, white, or sparkling. Each one is handled differently in terms of how it is created, how it is served, and how it tastes.

Red wine is made with red grapes and white wine is made with white grapes. You can’t use a red grape and expect to produce a white wine. It just doesn’t happen.

There are some things to know about each of the wines. The red wines are made with the entire grape, including the skin. It is the skin that adds both color and flavor. The skin as well as the seeds is also what help to produce the tannins within the wine. White wines are made with the grape, but no skin or seed.

Sparkling wine can be made with red or white wine but includes bubbles or carbonation. This is a preference that some people have and you have to try them in order to distinguish your preferences.

Red wines are considered the most popular because there are so many to choose from. All over the world, people are making red wine. Some are spicy, some are fruity, and some are high in tannins. While definitions can be provided on all of these words, the easiest thing to do to determine tannins and fruitiness is to try different wines and make your own decisions.

Red wine is commonly broken into three categories: fruity red, sweet red, and savory red. Each of these can provide you with completely unique tastes and can be paired with various foods. Many people like to pair red wine with red meat, though this is not always a good idea because of the many varieties. For example, there are spicy red wines that may go great with Spanish food but if you choose a Gamay that is very juicy, you may be very disappointed.

Remember, there really is no right or wrong when it comes to drinking wine. If you like it. DRINK IT! That  is what matters most. But the more you learn about the complex flavors that go into wine the more that you can appreciate the  differences that go into each glass.

Happy Drinking!

The Prepared Idiot

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