American’s have the Most Expensive Pee in the World.

Someone once told me that American’s have the most expensive pee in the world. This expensive urine is due in large part to the $27 billion dollar supplement industry. The truth is most people know that thefood vs vitaminsy are not getting enough vitamins and nutrients in there diets and they try to make up for this by not eating more veggies but by popping a daily multi-vitamin. There is an issue with trying to get your B12’s and vitamin C’s through a pill. The problem is you are flushing a most of the money and you are spending on those pills right down the toilet.

A few weeks ago I had a conversation with Registered Dietitian Michele Manarino and she pointed out that there is very little  regulation in the supplement industry. Especially, in regards to what these companies can assert to the effectiveness of these products. Currently, unless a consumer has a complaint there is no oversight into any of the claims you might read on the packages.

So, if you are looking for more energy, better skin, and better overall health. The first thing that Michelle recommends is trying to eat a well balanced diet. The truth is you can get more of the vitamins and nutrients that you need through eating good for you food! The truth is you are more likely to absorb the stuff your body needs through food than pills anyway. And that is where the whole American’s have most expensive pee thing comes from. Vegetable_MarketThe pills and powders are mostly passed through the body and out into your sewer.

There are a few exceptions to this rule. If you are pregnant or in an immune compromised state than the extra supplements might be right for you. You should check with your doctor to be sure.

The bottom line is stop swallowing your vitamins and nutriments and start eating them. Eating food is more fun than pills and water anyway.

As Michele described to me in the show “Great suppliments can’t fix a bad diet!”

Can a dietitian help you achieve your health goals? Michele Manarino is a Registered Dietitian in Southern California. You can reach out to her at:

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