An Idiot’s Guide to Food and Diets

What is the best diet on the market right now? That is not a simple question to answer! With multi-million dollar companies marketing tovegetables-218139_640 you and crazy fads that pop up and are gone just as quick how do you know what to put in your mouth? In this episode The Prepared Idiot Podcast Rich Barna talks to Registered Dietitian Michele Manarino about all things food. Including what you should be eating to stay healthy.


We discuss what you should be eating to not only lose weight and stay healthy for THE LONG RUN but also what foods you should add to your diet RIGHT NOW to fight disease and boost your energy level.

Also we discuss the pros and cons of some the most popular fads in the diet world right now. For example should you eat like a caveman as the Paleo Diets suggests? Or does the way to health and beauty come from juicing every fruit or veggie that you can cram down your juicer?

belly-2354_640Do you want to know what the best eating plan is as voted on by a number of health experts? Well, you will have to tune in to the show to find out!


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