Top 5 Reasons Why Box Wine is Cooler than You Think

Walking dobota-box-picnicwn the grocery store isle you might walk right past the boxed wines because you think that stuff is for the less sophisticated set. While the cardboard exteriors of boxed wines might be less sexy than the curvy bottles on the shelves next to them here are five reasons why you should consider grabbing the box!

  1. Environmentally friendly: It takes 1/3 less energy to produce a box of wine than it dose to make a bottle. Also, the carbon footprint of the box can be half that of its glass cousin. What dose this mean to you? That means you can sip your wine and tell your guests that they are doing there part to save the FINISH-OFF-THE-BOX-OF-WINEenvironment.
  2. It is shatter proof: Throwing a raging party? With a box you don’t have to worry about your clumsy friend Chuck committing a major party foul and smashing that bottle of red all over your carpet. So PARTY ON!
  3. They are easier to transport: Try carrying 3 or 4 bottles of wine to the register, then to the car, and finally into the house and up the stairs. A box of wine comes with its own handy dandy handle already installed. Not to mention you will never have to worry about a box rolling under the front seat of your car.
  4. There is never cork taint: Corked bottles can develop a weird smell and taste if the fungus TCA (Trichloroanisole) grows in the cork of the bottle and gets into your wine. With the boxed wines you can be sure that you are always going to get the right flavor out of the handy plastic spigot.
  5. The wine last longer: This is by far the coolest feature of the vino in a box. Because oxygen can never get into the bag inside the box the wine doesn’t spoil like a bottle that has been opened too long. Y3-6-Months-Babies-Educational-Toys-00ou don’t have to enjoy the wine all in one sitting. Well, unless you want to!!

The box gets a bad rap because it used to seem like a poor man’s wine. But these days it might be the best way to enjoy your wine. So the next time you walk the wine isle at your neighborhood grocery store consider the box. Maybe get two or three because they are stackable. But that may be reason number 6.

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