Top 5 Reasons Why Box Wine is Cooler than You Think

Walking dobota-box-picnicwn the grocery store isle you might walk right past the boxed wines because you think that stuff is for the less sophisticated set. While the cardboard exteriors of boxed wines might be less sexy than the curvy bottles on the shelves next to them here are five reasons why you should consider grabbing the box! Continue reading

An Idiot’s Guide to Food and Diets

What is the best diet on the market right now? That is not a simple question to answer! With multi-million dollar companies marketing tovegetables-218139_640 you and crazy fads that pop up and are gone just as quick how do you know what to put in your mouth? In this episode The Prepared Idiot Podcast Rich Barna talks to Registered Dietitian Michele Manarino about all things food. Including what you should be eating to stay healthy.


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Jump in the water is fine

As I talk to people DSC_0158 TRIwho would like to run a triathlon I have noticed a reoccurring theme. Most everybody is afraid of the swim. I have to say this is completely understandable. Most of us can imagine ourselves getting on a bike and flying down the street because we unbolted the training wheels from our bikes at five. As for running, we all have run at some point. Be it with a junior high school teacher screaming at us to go faster or playing tag with our friends in the front yard. It is not beyond imagination that we can overcome either of these two disciplines with enough time or practice. With the water there seems to be more fear and worry. This was one of the biggest obstacles for me to overcome as well.


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The Top Three Things to do as a family in Yosemite with Young Children.

As a father of not one but TWO sets of twins riverunder the age of ten it is important to find something that we all can enjoy and accomplish when we are in the great out of doors. We as a family of 6 make the trip to Yosemite National Park every year. We have whittled them down to a top three must do events each time we head to camp in the valley. Continue reading

Speaking Wine

big glassFor many of us wine is a mystery! I have met so many people that don’t want to look like an “Idiot” when trying wine so they stay away from it all together.  You don’t have to be afraid of trying wine. Picking a good tasting wine is not as hard as you think. I thought I would give you a quick crash course on the terms you would hear in a wine tasting room or bar so that you won’t have to feel like and idiot the next time you are offered a glass of the grape. Continue reading

The Prepared Idiot’s guide on How to Run Your First Triathlon


Have you thought about the idea of becoming a Triathlete? Or, you are one of the many that just want to see if you can do it? Do you have no idea where to begin? In this episode of the Prepared Idiot Podcast We’ll see if we can help you out. We have a great conversation with Shawn Buddenhagen the author of the blog firsttiDSC_0170 Here are a few important things that I leaned on my journey and maybe they will give you a head start over me.

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Off Roading For The Beginner

What is the most heart pounding excitement you can have moving at 3 miles an hour? For many it is the thrill of off roading! Seeing nothing but blue sky out of the windshield as your 4X4 finds its grip on the rocks under your tires (That you can’t see). Then suddenly, feeling the rubber grip and you see the ground in front of you again it is probably already too late you hooked. Then all you want to do is find another hill, mud pit, sand dune, or rock to conquer.3481scd

In this episode of the Prepared Idiot Podcast we ask a life long off roading enthusiast the dumb questions on where to start off roading. Your host Rich Barna tries to find the answers to questions like: What is the best 4X4 to buy? What modifications should you make to your 4X4 first? With tires is bigger better? How do I learn to off road? What gear do I need to have in my rig? And where can I go legally to wheel/ off road?

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Want to start your own Drone Air Force? Asking the Dumb Questions about Drones or UAS.


In this episode of the Prepared Idiot Podcast your host investigates the idea of starting your verdroney own Drone Air Force. In many countries the technology of the flying robots is quickly out pacing regulations that law makers can produce. It is hard to figure out what is legal and what is not.

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