Want to start your own Drone Air Force? Asking the Dumb Questions about Drones or UAS.


In this episode of the Prepared Idiot Podcast your host investigates the idea of starting your verdroney own Drone Air Force. In many countries the technology of the flying robots is quickly out pacing regulations that law makers can produce. It is hard to figure out what is legal and what is not.

In general, the Regulations on Drones (or UAS as they are known by the FAA) for personal use are you must use them under 400 feet high and away form populated areas. But beyond that there is little else that you need to know to use them for a hobby. That is not to say more regulations might be ahead in the future as our governments figure out what guidelines need to be in place.  It is not even that expensive to get started on your first QUAD COPTER. Like this one on Amazon.

Now if you want use Drones to start a business, that is a whole different can of nano bots. You can not use UAS commercially in the US with out approval. And according to the FAA it can take 30 to a Year to get approval. But in what is expected to be a multi billion dollar industry it might be worth the red tape. Some of the business applications already imagined are uses in farming, delivery, and getting eyes in places to dangerous or expensive to send manned aircraft. In fact Amazon is right now advertizing for software engineers to develop there own drone delivery fleet.


Now major and independent universities are developing educational programs around the country to help you get degrees in UAS systems and technology. It is defiantly an area of the tech sector ready for growth. Is it the next cell phone or personal computer? It is hard to say, but these devices were once only for the wealthy. And now many of us could not imagine living with out these gadgets. Will a flying device become the next to be added to that list? We will see.


For more in depth information check out the podcast!

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