How to put on your own 5K running race!

In this Episode of the Prepared Idiot Podcast we ask the dumb questions about how to put on your very 5kown 5k running race. We interview Nidia Ross the race director for the Hunger Run 5k in Florida. It was a race to benefit a local food bank. There are many challenges to putting on a race some are obvious and some are not as clear. Listen to her story so that you won’t feel like an idiot when setting out to plan your own race.

Whether you are a runner yourself or not, many people realize that putting on a 5k running race – for charity or just for fun – is a rather marvelous thing to do. But when you haven’t organized anything like that, where on earth do you even start? Here is our quick fire five point plan for putting on your 5k running race:

1. Choose a route, and get it approved.

Deciding on the route that your 5k running race will take can be very easy, or very difficult, depending on your local area. Using Google maps is a pretty great way to test out whether the route that you want is going to be long enough, or even a little too long. Then you need to submit your plans to the relevant authorities. Give your local council a ring, and make sure that you have it in writing that you can have that route cleared for you on the day that you’ve chosen for your race.

2. Create a sign up form, and put it online.

A running race is no fun if there is no one else there! Create a sign up form so that you’ll be able to keep track of how many people you can expect to be there, and make sure that you make it available in both paper and online form. A great tool to use is the services offered by Active.Com

3. Tell everyone about it!

How else will people know that your fantastic race is taking place if you don’t tell them? You can get in touch with local radio, schools, communities groups, and charities to encourage them to run. Don’t forget to leave flyers and sign up forms in places like gyms, where there will be a lot of people that love running.

4. Get other groups involved.

You are probably going to need stewards, people to give out water, and volunteers to manage the crowd. Getting your entire community involved is a brilliant way to encourage greater community spirit, as well as make the day wonderful. Why not have bake sales and other stalls at the end of the route, so that spectators can spend the whole day there?

5. Have a wet weather contingency plan.

Sadly, we can never predict sunshine, and we often have a lot of rain. Make sure that you have a back up plan if the heavens open!

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