How to Write a Children’s Picture Book for the Kindle


Once upon a time                         there was an Idiot and he had always wanted to write a children’s picture book. He knew that ever getting his work published would be impossible because of the overlord publishers. They ruled with a mighty fist declaring with waves of there royal hands who could get there work to the masses and who could not.

Then one day from deep in the Amazon, a good and wise fairy emerged. Her mission was to set the creativity and opportunity free for anyone studied and worked hard enough. This fairy’s name was Kindle.

Kindle set the novelists and “how to” writers free but her magic was limited to the written word. But in more recent times her colorful younger sister Kindle fire opened up the possibilities for picture book writers too. Alas, the power and the gold still remains in the domain of the publishers but now the commoner now has way of building a village or kingdom of there very own.

In this episode of the Prepared Idiot Podcast we embark on a journey to learn how to write a children’s book formatted to Amazon’s Kindle. In the eBook market the Kindle library represent close to 60% of all downloads in the market. That’s more than ibook, nook, and others combined. So if you have a passion for writing and you want to self publish Amazon is where you need to be.

In the last decade eBook sales have exploded and help many realize there dream of owning a business card that says author on it. Unfortunately, because of the hardware that existed those that wanted to reach a younger audience were stifled. That is not the case anymore. Because the high resolution displays of the tablets and smart phones this is now a possibility.

In fact, there are very few children’s picture books available out there. In essence we are ready for another publishing boom in this market not unlike the one that has happened for self published novelists in just the recent past.

So draw your swords and mount your steeds because in the next few episodes we are going to attempt to storm the castle together. You won’t want to miss a second as you watch a self proclaimed idiot fumble his way through this maze for you. Let me make the dumb mistakes so you don’t have to.

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