How to Create a Children’s Picture Book Part 2



In this episode of the Prepared Idiot we continue down the path towards getting our children’s book on Amazon’s kindle. Since we last talked a few things have happened. First I published my first eBook to Wine Cover the Kindle. I did this to see how hard it would be to publish a standard text book so that later I can compare it to a fixed layout children’s book. If you would like a copy check out: The Prepared Idiot’s Guide to Buying and EnjoyingWine. If you would like a great looking cover like mine check this artist out

Amazon makes this type of publishing super easy and quick. All you really need is your content and a great cover that is formatted to Amazon’s standards. They even provide a free eBook on the proper format which you can get by clicking Here. Another thing that is great about publishing to kindle is Amazon offers to its prime member’s free eBooks monthly and you get paid each time someone “borrows” your book from the Kindle Library. If you don’t have prime get it here now because on top of free eBooks you can get free 2 day shipping on all of you purchases. To find out more check out this link AmazonPrime. And as a new author this is a great way to get eyeballs on you new book. Also if you sign you new book for KDP select they offer price promotions and give aways to help you promote you book.  The down side to all of this is that you can only sell your title for 90 days through Amazon. But keep in mind that Amazon is a bigger market place than all other platforms combined.

All children’s books for the Kindle must be fixed layout books. This is a format that allows you to read a kids book the way your artistic vision allows. But unless you are a programmer or know someone that can create .epub or .mobi files I would suggest using a template. Here is a link where you can buy a couple for just a few dollars Templates. Or if you buy the book How to Make Kindle Comics & Children’s books like I did you can get them for free. The book Formatting of Children’s Books andComics also provides templates.

I have decided to have someone format my book for me. Partly because I am an Idiot and partly I don’t have the time to figure this all out. I also decided that the electronic format alone might not be the only way that I want to get my book out to the masses. So I am looking into creating low cost print on demand options of my children’s book. But we will talk about that in the next episode.

You can get all the details directly by tuning in to the show..

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