How to run your first 5K

Training for and completing your fist 5k is easier than you might think. In this episode the Prepared Idiot takes you though the basic steps to get you to the finish line. Here are some basic tips.

DSC_0241 TRI

  1. Just Do It.!! If you have ever had a hard time motivating yourself to get running. Just sign up for a race with in the next two months. You would be surprised on how motivating having something on the calendar can be. Not to mention once you drop some money on a race you are most likely to “Get er Done” You can find you first race check out
  2. Get some new kicks. If you look and feel the part you are more inclined to get out and train. Your local running store can custom fit you for best pair of shoes. This is usually a free service they provide and only takes a few minuets. The right pair for you might reduce pain and fatigue.


  1. You don’t need to kill your self. 3 days of running a week is plenty to get you started. Can’t run for long distances? Try using a run/walk combo to build up your endurance. You can find a lot of “Couch to 5k” programs on line to give you guide lines. As an additional benefit try to also add in a cross training workout to help battle your inevitable soreness. This could be swimming, tennis, ridding a bike what ever you find fun.


  1. Take the pressure off yourself. While it is important to set a goal for yourself, don’t put too much pressure on your performance. Start with finishing the race without walking and then after you have done that work to bettering your time or PR (personal record). There will be plenty of people walking at which ever race that you have just signed up for and no one will be judging you. I PROMISE!

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