Don’t be an Idiot when shopping for Valentine’s gift for your sweatheart

It was Valentines 2000 and my new wife kept mentioning how she wanted this particular new product every time a commercial came on between our favorite shows. As a new and attentive husband I resolved to get her this modern marvel of a product as a great Valentine’s gift! I would score major points for listening to what hints she was giving me and would work my way into being “The Husband of the Year!” 

As many of you are already guessing there was an 800 ton locomotive heading my way. The new item that had just hit the scene was none other than the Swiffer Wet Jet mop system. Let’s just say that it was such a disaster that I think that I am still paying for it 14 years later.

In this episode of the Prepared Idiot Podcast I attempted to walk you though picking out the right gift so that you won’t look like an idiot on Valentine’s day. Here are a few principals to follow:

1) Valentine’s is not the place to go practical!! Take it from my bone-head move. A cheap romantic gift goes a lot further than a expensive practical gift.

2) Roses are still king. But if you are not one for the typical try customizing them. Roses come in many different colors and look great in different arrangements.

3) Diamonds are a girls best friend. While these will score you BIG points if your on a tight budget like I am you might just not be able to swing the cost. Have no fear your local jewelry store probably has sparkle that you can afford. Gem stones set in sterling silver or white gold can be quite affordable and in the 100- 300 dollar range. How about a necklace with the gem stone signifying the month of your first date or weeding?

4) Time together. Let’s face it most of the time in the fast paced life we tend to lead there is a lack of togetherness in most of our lives. One great gift to fix this is a weekend away to reconnect and recharge our relationship. Can’t spare a weekend? Try a special date. Make it something out of the ordinary and something where you will have to talk. NO MOVIES or ELECTRONICS allowed. Be old fashioned and have a conversation.

These are simple ideas but they are time tested and will keep you out of the dog house. For more great Ideas and a in depth look on what to do for you loved one for valentines check out the Podcast

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