Check List for Triathlon

My higbikes_transition_view_470_470x3001h school football coach once told me that “Proper Preparation Prevents a Piss Poor Performance.” I have found that there is no worse feeling than getting to the transition set up for a race and realizing that you have  forgotten something. Here at the Prepared Idiot we want to help you avoid that feeling as much as possible so here is a list of things you might want to bring to starting line of a triathlon. Continue reading

An Idiot’s Guide to Making the Olympic Team

Are you 40 and think that dream of being an Olympic athlete is for sure behind you? Well, maybe not. Are you 15 and wondering what it would take jsochi2014_render1ust make the starting line let alone a podium? In this episode The Prepared Idiot asks the questions what dose it take to go for the gold? Continue reading