Speaking Wine

big glassFor many of us wine is a mystery! I have met so many people that don’t want to look like an “Idiot” when trying wine so they stay away from it all together.  You don’t have to be afraid of trying wine. Picking a good tasting wine is not as hard as you think. I thought I would give you a quick crash course on the terms you would hear in a wine tasting room or bar so that you won’t have to feel like and idiot the next time you are offered a glass of the grape. Continue reading

Don’t be an Idiot when shopping for Valentine’s gift for your sweatheart

It was Valentines 2000 and my new wife kept mentioning how she wanted this particular new product every time a commercial came on between our favorite shows. As a new and attentive husband I resolved to get her this modern marvel of a product as a great Valentine’s gift! I would score major points for listening to what hints she was giving me and would work my way into being “The Husband of the Year!”  Continue reading

An Idiot’s guide to buying wine.

In this episodbottle isslee the Prepared Idiot takes you through how to tackle the giant grocery store isle of wine. As a novice wine drinker myself I always felt overwhelmed by the thought of buying a good wine or a bad wine. Have you ever wondered about the difference between an 80 dollar bottle of wine and a 3 dollar bottle of wine? Here are a few things to prepare you so that you won’t look like an Idiot the next time you buy a bottle of wine. Continue reading