Where to Look for Gold in a Stream or River

When I first started inline1.-gold-saariselka-looking into how to find gold I assumed that all of the gold that was there to be found already had been. As it turns out, I was wrong. Really wrong. Less than 10% of all of the world’s gold has been extracted from the earth. That is great news for those of us that still want a chance to go out and find our share.

I was also surprised to find out that you can still pan gold out of rivers and streams. Over time the wind, rain, and weather events erode the mountains and wash out the lode gold (the gold as it sits in the mountain) and washes it down stream (now called placer gold) to replenish the gold deposits that exists in the stream.

The trick is to learn how to read the water to find those little pockets of gold that get refilled with gold every winUnderwater_Arctic_Graylingter. If you have ever fished before you could have an advantage over others. The gold tends to land where the fish like to hide. Fish like to hang out in the low pressure areas to wait for food to drop out of the current. Because gold is 19 times heavier than the water pushing it as soon as there is not enough pressure to push it drops out of the current and to the bottom of the stream and into the top 8 or 9 inches of the stream  bed. Exactly where the fish like to hang out. So be on the hunt behind those downed logs, in the swirling eddies, and the big rocks where there is no current to push it.

While you may not ever find a giant nugget that you can retire to a tropical island on. How could you beat being outdoors near a stream and finding a few bucks in gold? Not a bad hobby if you ask me!

gold cover

For more information on getting started prospecting check out the eBbook.

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