Athletic Food: Benefits Of Watermelon

I love when weird stuff works!

Athletic Athlete


Since Summer has finally arrived and the watermelon can most likely be found in your supermarket again, why not find out what this red deliciousness can do for you athletic performance!

Now, I hear you wonder “Did he just mention ‘watermelon‘ and ‘athletic perfromance‘ in one sentence?”
Well, you can be sure I did! Turns out that that big green ball you buy in the supermarket to serve with your summer cocktail isn’t only a delicious fruit but also helps you to recover from your hard workouts! Let’s dig deeper shall we?

Watermelon Run your way to the finish with watermelon!

Why Watermelon?

It’s very simple. A study published in the ”Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry” states that watermelon is such a great food for athletes because it contains L-Citrulline.
L-Citrulline is an acid that helps speed up your recovery within the first…

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