The Prepared Idiot’s Guide to Hiking (Part 1of the Backpacking series)

In the age of social mThe prepared idiot's guide to backpackingedia and jobs that require long hours of cubical sitting most modern humans have forgotten the basic skill of walking. Except for in large cities where motor vehicle travel is unpractical the quick trip around the corner to get a gallon of milk is done in our cars. Many children in the Southern California area where I live don’t walk to school anymore and thought of and evening stroll is a terror inducing event for many teenagers. So, we are increasingly spending more and more time sitting on our posteriors plugged into a screen and watching others have adventures and live their lives. While it is not realistic to think that you can escape the modern day working environments entirely you should also be aware of the potential risks of all that sitting. Continue reading

The Prepared Idiot’s Guide to Backpacking

About three weeks How to Backpackago one of my older sons came up to me and stated that he wanted to go backpacking. It is amazing as an adult how easy it is to put things off and then before you know it you can’t seem to figure out how to fit fun and adventure into the schedule. I would like to change this. Continue reading