The First Three Upgrades You Should Do on Your 4X4

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Did you just buy your first Jeep or 4X4 vehicle and decide you want to try some four wheeling? I bet you are already scouring all the aftermarket websites and catalogs trying to figure out which upgrades you are going to do first. I recently had a discussion with long time off-roading enthusiast Donnie Langdale about this and he had some great advice on how to settle on what modifications you should start with. Continue reading

Off Roading For The Beginner

What is the most heart pounding excitement you can have moving at 3 miles an hour? For many it is the thrill of off roading! Seeing nothing but blue sky out of the windshield as your 4X4 finds its grip on the rocks under your tires (That you can’t see). Then suddenly, feeling the rubber grip and you see the ground in front of you again it is probably already too late you hooked. Then all you want to do is find another hill, mud pit, sand dune, or rock to conquer.3481scd

In this episode of the Prepared Idiot Podcast we ask a life long off roading enthusiast the dumb questions on where to start off roading. Your host Rich Barna tries to find the answers to questions like: What is the best 4X4 to buy? What modifications should you make to your 4X4 first? With tires is bigger better? How do I learn to off road? What gear do I need to have in my rig? And where can I go legally to wheel/ off road?

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